Jürgen Schadeberg





1962 – 1999

1962    Places & Faces; Adler Fielding Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

1963    South African Social Scenes; Gorzenich Exhibition Hall, Cologne, Germany (with Peter Magubane)

1970    Jürgen Schadeberg-A Retrospective; Hotel Melia, Torremolinos,Costa Del Sol, Spain

1976    Jürgen Schadeberg-A Retrospective; Central School, London, U.K.

1977    Village Faces; Hayward Gallery, London, U.K.

1977    Face to Face; Air Gallery, London, U.K.

1980    A Portfolio; The Photographic Gallery; Southampton University, U.K.

1981    London Scenes; Photographers’ Gallery, London, U.K.

1988    A Retrospective; Market Gallery, Johannesburg

1995    Sof’town Blues; Photographers’ Gallery, London, U.K.

1996    African Women; Nantes and other venues in France

1996    Jürgen Schadeberg-A Retrospective Exhibition; South African National Gallery, Cape Town; Oliewenhuis National Gallery, Bloemfontein; King George V Nat

1998    ‘Fifties South Africa; Vue D’Afrique Festival, Montreal, Canada


The Berlin Wall; Goethe Institute, Johannesburg (toured to Goethe Institutes internationally)

Selected Images – Institute for The Advancement of Journalism, Johannesburg, Freedom Forum, Johannesburg; South Africa

1998    Jürgen Schadeberg – A Retrospective; Gallery of Photography, Dublin, Ireland

1999    Jürgen Schadeberg – The ‘Fifties; The Waterfront, Belfast, N.Ireland, U.K.

1999    Jürgen Schadeberg – The ‘Fifties; The Waterfront, Belfast, N.Ireland, U.K.

2000 – 2004

2000    The Naked Face; Sandton Civic Art Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

2000    Faced; Carfax Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

2001    Soweto 2001; Art On Paper Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

2001    The White ‘Fifties; Crake Gallery, Johannesburg, Bensusan Museum of Photography, Johannesburg; South Africa

2001    Jürgen Schadeberg-Drum Beat: South Africa 1950-1994; Axis Gallery, New York, NY

2001    Jurgen Schadeberg – Fine Images over 50 Years – Photoza – Johannesburg

2001    Jurgen Schadeberg – Fine Images over 50 Years – Photoza – Johannesburg

2002    The Black & White Fifties” & “Soweto Today” touring SA in 2002 with The Alliance Francaise – Opened at The Pretoria Art Museum, 8 city tour

2002    “Voices from the Past – Moving Stills over 50 years” – Goethe Institut Johannesburg

2002    The San of the Kalahari 1959 – RAU Art Gallery, Johannesburg

2002    The San of the Kalahari 1959 – PhotoZa Gallery, Johannesburg

2003    The San of the Kalahari 1959 – Tour of South Africa to 8 venues by Alliance Francaise

2003    All that Jazz: 52 years of jazz images, Standard Bank Art Gallery, Johannesburg

2003    Goethe Institut, Berlin (a retrospective of South African images)

2003    Rencontres de la Photographie Africaine, Bamako, Mali

2003/4 Retrospective of South African work touring Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Bejiing, Shanghai, Hong Kong

2004    Dorottya Gallery, Budapest (1950s images) & Mediawave in Gyor in April

2004    The San of the Kalahari – Pretoria 2004

2004    On The Beach – New colour work. Gallery@157, Johannesburg, South Africa

2004    A Restrospective of 52 Years of South African work – Espace Cosmopolis, Nantes, France

2004    Selected Works – Pascal Polar Gallery, Brussels, Belgium


2005    A Retrospective of South African work – Nicephore Niepce Museum, Chalon Sur Saone

2005    “Drum Days” in fifties South Africa – Riverside Studios, London

2005    Retrospective – Seippel Galerie, Koln, Germany

2005    Jazz images – Marciac, France

2005    Retrospective, Lectoure Centre de la Photographie, France

2005    Voices from the Land – a major photo essay of conditions on SA Farms today to tour South Africa for 2005/6/7

2005    Retrospective – Carcassonne, France

2005    Voices from the Land – a major photo essay of conditions on SA Farms today to tour South Africa for 2005/6/7 starting at MuseumAfrica in Johannebsurg

2005    Solo Exhibition – Bochum Museum, Germany


2006    Solo Show, Zeitungsmuseum, Saarbrucken, Germany

2006    The Defiance Campaign 1952, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, Johannebsurg

2006    Solo Exhibition, Potsdammer Platz, Berlin, Germany.

2006    “Voices from the Land” images, Human Rights Forum , Nantes, France


2007    “Happy Hour” solo show at Seippel Gallery, Koln, Germany

2007    Solo Exhibition and book launch MuseumAfrica new colour work “Tales from Jozi”

2007    Solo Show Belgravia Gallery, London

2007    Solo Show “Tales from Jozi” Oslo University, Norway

2007    Solo Show “Jazz & Jozi”- Seippel Gallery, Johannesburg

2007    Solo Retrospective Rottenburg, Germany

2007    Solo Show – De Queeste Gallery, Watou, Belgium

2007    Photographers Gallery, Cape Town. Jazz Show & Book Launch


2008    Solo Show – Leica images, Leica Gallery, Tokyo

2008    The Age of Jazz – Belgravia Gallery, London

2008    Photographies Dans Le Bocage – Vire & Brecey, Normandy, France

2008    Retrospective – Ypres Cultural Centre, Belgium

2008    The Fifties – Nomad Gallery Brussels, Belgium

2008    Retrospective, Alencon Conseil General, France

2008    Retrospective SA – Kultur Speicher Museum, Wurzburg, Germany

2008    “Tales from Jozi” new colour work 2007, Cosmopolis Centre, Nantes, France

2008    Selected Leica images – Leica Gallery, Solms, Germany

2008    Selected Leica images – Leica Gallery Frankfurt

2008    “Mandela” – Belgravia Gallery, London

2008    Solo Show – Raum Sylt – Quelle, Sylt, Germany

2008    Solo Show – George Meistermann Museum, Wittliech, Trier, Germany

2008    Solo Show – Seippel Gallery, Koln, Germany

2008    Art Basel Miami


2009    The San of the Kalahari 1959 – Hotel des Arts, Remelard, France

2009    Blitz Gallery, Tokyo

2009    Voices from the Land show – Hannover University, Germany

2009    Retrospective, Flo Peters Gallery, Hamburg

2009    Retrospective Show, Museum Siegburg, Germany

2009    Solo Show, Palazzo Libera, Villa Lagarina, Italy

2009    Le Jazz, La Liberte, Afrique du Sud 1951 -2007, Coutances, France

2009    Timeless Moments – Leica Gallery, Salzburg

2009    The Berlin Wall 1961 – Galerie le Voleur d’Images, Paris

2009    The Berlin Wall 1961 – Lycee Louis le Grand, Paris

2009    The Berlin Wall – Goethe Institut, Johannesburg

2009    Screening of one hour documentary on Jurgen Schadeberg on Arte TV


2010    “Voices from the Land” – Journees Solidaires, Coutances

2010    South African Images – Nelson Mandela Mediatheque, Vitry, Paris

2010    Felix Nussbaum Museum, Osnabrueck, Germany

2010    New Colour Images of South Africa – large format – Freelens – Hamburg

2010    Berlin 1961 – The Building of the Wall – Erdmann Contemporary – Cape Town

2010    “Voices from the Land” Goethe Institut Johannesburg & film screenings

2010    The Fifties – Mediatheque Benoite Boulard, Le Port, La Reunion


2011    Solo Show – Berkeley University, California, USA

2011    Portrait d’Un Village Francais – Salle de Fetes – Pin La Garenne, France

2011    All That Jazz – 60 years of South African Jazz– Goethe Institut Brussels

2011    Retrospective – Timeless Moments – 65 years – Willy Brandt Haus, Berlin

2011    South African Fifties – Douarnenez Film Festival, Brittany, France

2011    Le Voleur d’Images – Paris – The Defiance Campaign 1952

2011    Portrait d’Un Village Francais, Institut Francais Berlin

2011    The Black Fifties – Pasadena Library, USA


2012    Solo Show Frankfurt Leica Gallery

2012    Solo Show Oldenburg Kultur Lounge

2012    Solo Show Aachen KUK Centre Monschau

2012    Solo Show – Argus Gallery Berlin

2012    Solo Show – Carpentier Gallery, Berlin

2012    The Black & White Fifties – Hong Kong & Bejing


2013    Solo Show – Peter Herrmann Gallery, Berlin

2013    Kunstraum Dreieich, Frankfurt, Germany

2013    University of Gandia, Spain

2013    Solo Show – Mandela & The Fifties – St Ouen Town Hall, Paris


2014    Solo Show – Flo Peters Gallery, Hamburg

2014    Retrospective – Kunsthalle Darmstadt

2014    Photography Centre – Goerlitz, Germany

2014    Retrospective – Universitat Politecnica, Valencia, Spain

2014    Jazz – Photokina, Koln, Germany

2014    Retrospective – Gandia House of Culture, Spain

2014    The Black Fifties – Biberach, Erbach, Germany

2014    Mandela – Belgravia Gallery, London


2015    The People of Barx Village, Barx Casa Cultura, Spain

2015    Nelson Mandela & The Fifties – Kulturhaus Osterfeld, Pforzheim, Germany

2015    Retrospective – Railowsky , Valencia, Spain


2016    Viva Europa Viva – Museum Goch, Germany

2016    Selected Moments – Huleva Photo Festival, Spain

2016    Selected Moments – PhotoEspana, Spain – Blanca Berlin Gallery

2016    Major Retrospective – Hopital Antigua, Madrid

2016    Mandela – 6 decades – Wuerzburg University – Africa Festival

2016    Mandela – 6 decades – IGMetall, Frankfurt, Germany

2016    Timeless Moments – Silvertone International, Johannesburg, SA

2016    Selected Images – Cullera University, Spain.

2016    Selected images – Albarracan, Spain

2016    Viva Europa Viva! – Sylt Foundation, Sylt, Germany

2016    Viva Europa Viva! – Uberlingen Museum, Germany 2016

2016    3 shows – San of the Kalahari 1959, Retrospective, Tales from Jozi , Casa Cultura, Gandia, Spain


2017    Retrospective – Leica Gallery, Frankfurt

2017    Retrospective – Borgia Palace, Gandia, Spain

2017    Retrospective & Auction with Memoir Launch – Killarney Country Club, Johannesburg



1969    Raymond Duncan Gallery, Paris, France

1970    La Palette Bleue, Paris, France

1970    Don Pedro Gallery, Carihuela, Spain



1987    The Finest Photos from the Old Drum; Shell Gallery, Cape Town; Durban Museum, Durban; Market Gallery, Johannesburg; South Africa

1988    Drum; Impressions Gallery, York, U.K.

1993    Fifties South Africa; Herten, Germany

1995    South Africa Images; Foto Forum, Frankfurt, Germany

1997    Condition Humaine; La Musée du Port, La Reunion, Reunion

1998    Under the Tropic: 25 years of South African Photojournalism; Cardiff University, U.K.

1999    Africa by Africa-A Photographic View; Barbican Art Gallery, London, U.K.

1999    Maverick; Crake Gallery, Johannesburg

2000    Lengthening Shadows; Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago, U.S.

2001    Soweto: A South African Legend; Munich, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hannover; Germany

2002    Environmental Images – PhotoZa, Johannesburg

2002    Fine Fifties Images of South Africa – La Maison Europeene de la Photographie, Paris

2003    The History of Soweto – permanent exhibition at the Regina Church, Soweto Created & Curated by Jurgen & Claudia Schadeberg

2004    ARCO, Madrid

2004    ABSA Gallery, Johannesburg (images of Kliptown, 2003)

2004    Kliptown 2003, Kliptown Centre (a photo project with the work of 4 students)

2004    “City & Country”, new colour work, Axis Gallery, New York

2004    Group exhibition – Artcoza Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

2004    Kliptown – The Goethe Institut, Johannesburg

2004    San Images for Fototage Wiesbaden, Galerie Lichtbild,Wiesbaden, Germany

2004    Selected Works, Pascal Polar Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2005    Kliptown – Horniman Museum, UK

2005    Selected Works – Toomey-Tourell Gallery, San Francisco, USA

2005    A Selection of Fities South African Images – Wedge Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2006    Painting & Photography – South African University Gallery, Johannesburg

2006    Fifties Work – Kunsthalle, Vienna, Austria

2007    Esslingen Triennale, Germany

2007    Contact Photo Festival, Toronto

2007    Seippel Gallery Johannesburg, South Africa

2007    Fine Art Show – Rocca di Castagnoli, Tuscany, Italy

2008    Virginia Museum of Fine Art

2008    Leica Gallery, Tokyo

2008    Fine Art Show – Trento, Italy

2009    Virginia Museum of Fine Art Touring Show – Virginia, Sydney,

2009    Bologna Art Fair

2009    “Century of Jazz” – Museum of Modern Art, Rovereto, Italy

2010    SA Images – Polka Gallery, Paris

2010    Virginia Museum of Fine Art “Darkroom”

2010    Coutances, France – Voices from the Land

2011    Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama

2011    Young Gallery, Brussels

2011    Africa – Polka Gallery, Paris

2011    Chris Beetles Fine Art Gallery, London

2012    “Apartheid” – ICP New York

2013    Group African Show – Monaco

2013    “Apartheid” – Haus der Kunst, Munich

2013    Chris Beetles Fine Art Gallery, London

2014    Museum Africa – Johannesburg – Apartheid Show

2016    2016 Retrospective – MUVIM Museum, Valencia, Spain



1970    Inside Whitechapel; Whitechapel Gallery, London, U.K.

1976    The Quality of Life; Southbank Centre, London, U.K. (3-year project for the opening of the New National Theatre)




Photographic books:

Jürgen Schadeberg, 1981 (Photographers’ Gallery, London)


Kalahari Bushman Dance, 1982 (Jürgen Schadeberg)


The Finest Photos from the Old Drum, 1987 (Bailey’s Photo Archives, Johannesburg)


The Fifties People of South Africa, 1987 (Bailey’s Photo Archives, Johannesburg)


Nelson Mandela & the Rise of the ANC, 1990 (Jonathan Ball/Donker)


Drum, 1991 (Rogner & Bernhard, Hamburg)


Voices from Robben Island, 1994 (Macmillan)


Sof’town Blues, 1995 (Jürgen Schadeberg)


South African Classics, 1995 (Macmillan)


The Black & White Fifties, 2002 (Protea Bookhouse)


Soweto Today, 2002 (Protea Bookhouse)


The San of the Kalahari 1959. (Protea Bookhouse 2002)


Witness – A Retrospective 52 years: A look at life throught the lense (Protea Bookhouse 2004)


The Book of Life – A look at the UNDP Aids Programme in SA (United Nations 2004)


Voices from the Land – A study of farm life and farm conditions in South Africa,Protea Book House 2005


Jurgen Schadeberg – Photographies – IAC France 2005


Jazz, Swing & Blues – SA Jazz over six decades – New Africa Books, South Africa 2007


Tales from Jozi – Protea Book House, South Africa – 2007


Jurgen Schadeberg – A Retrospective – published by Hatje Cantz 2008


Horizon d’Esperance – Editions Verlhac Paris 2010 (Recent SA Colour Images 2001-2008)


Portrait d’Un Village Français – 2010 – Editions de l’Etrave


Great Britian 1964/84 – Mittleldeutscher Verlag, Halle, Germany 2012


Schadeberg Visits Germany – 6 Decades – Mitteldeutscher Verlag, Halle, Germany 2012


Six Decades of South African Photography – Unisa Press, Pretoria, South Africa 2013


Spain 1969 – 2014 Then and Now – Museum Goch/Pagina Verlag/The Schadeberg Collection 2015


Viva Europa Viva 2016 – Museum Goch/Pagina Verlag


Portrait of a Spanish Village – 2017 – J & C Schadeberg


The Way I See It – a memoir – by Jurgen Schadeberg – PanMacmillan 2017




Have You Seen Drum Recently? The Black ‘Fifties in South Africa, 1987 (35mm, 77min.)


War & Peace: A History of the ANC, 1989/1992 (Video, 56min.)


The Seven Ages of Music, 1992 (Video, 46min.)


Drumbeats, 1993 (16mm, 56min.)


Ballroom Fever, 1994 (Video, 26min.)


Voices from Robben Island, 1994 (16mm, 90min.)


Dolly & The Inkspots, 1994 (Video, 26min.)


Jo’burg Cocktail, 1995 (Video, 56min.)


Halala Bomane! [Hail the Women!], 1996 (Video, 56min.)


Ernest Cole: 1940-1990 Photo Journalist, 1999 (Video, 52min.)


Drumbeats – 52 min pilot for drama series


Deadline, 2000 (6 x 52 min. drama series)




La Maison Europeene de la Photographie, Paris


Victoria & Albert Museum, London


Paul Sack Collection, San Francisco


Neumunster Collection, Luxembourg


Hopkinson School of Journalism, Cardiff University, UK


President Bill Clinton Library, USA


South African National Gallery, Cape Town


Johannesburg Art Gallery, South Africa


Oliwienhuis Gallery, Bloemfontein, South Africa


MTN Art Collection, South Africa


Sanlam Art Collection, South Africa


Johannesburg Stock Exchange Collection


Sasol Art Collection, South Africa


Telkom Art Collection, South Africa


Origins Centre, Wits University, Johannesburg


Nelson Mandela Foundation, Johannesburg


Fonds Nationale d’Art Contemporain, Paris


Daimler Chrysler Collection, Berlin


Rocca di Castagnoli, Tuscany. Italy


La Bibliotheque Nationale de France


Arts Council Collection, London


Pretoria Art Museum


Brenthurst Collection, Johannesburg


Fonds Nationale d’Art Contemporain, Paris


Daimler Chrysler Collection, Berlin


Rocca di Castagnoli, Tuscany. Italy


La Bibliotheque Nationale de France


Arts Council Collection, London


Virginia Museum of Fine Art


National Portrait Gallery, London


Tate Gallery, London


International Center of Photography, New York




Men’s Health Award – Cape Town, South Africa 2005


Verdienst Kreuz First Class 2006


Africa Festival Award, Wurzberg, Germany 2008


Photographer of the Year, Normandy, France 2010


ICP Cornell Capa Lifetime Achievement Award, New York 2014


Doctor Honoris Causa for Life work – Valencia University Politecnia 2014

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