Toni Catany


Self-taught. He lived and worked in Barcelona from 1960 until his death, in October 2013. In 1968 he published his first reports. From 1979 he became internationally known with a photographic work using the old calotype technique.

In 1987 Lunwerg Editores published a selection of his still lifes in color, “Natures Mortes”, awarded as the best photographic book in the edition of the Photographic Spring of 1988. In the Rencontres Internationales of the Photographie de Arles he won the prize of the Book with “La meva Mediterrània”, edited by Lunwerg and awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya as the best illustrated book of the year.

In July 1991, the Ministry of Culture of France awarded him the title of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

In 1994 Lunwerg Ed. Published “Somniar deus” and “Obscura memoria”. In 1997 his monograph “Toni Catany. Fotografies “was awarded by the European Publishers published simultaneously in Germany, France, England, Italy and Spain and also won the prize for Best Illustrated Book of the year awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

In September 2000, the National Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAC) exhibited an anthology of his work “Toni Catany. The artist in his paradise. ” In 2001, the Generalitat de Catalunya awarded the National Prize for Plastic Arts and the Ministry of Education and Culture the National Photography Prize.

In 2002 he published two books, “Dels qui escriuen”, with portraits of Catalan writers and the PhotoBolsillo nº 45 “Toni Catany” edited by La Fabrica. In 2003 “Record de Llucmajor”, in 2004 “Liebana infinita”, in 2006, also with Lunwerg Editores, “Venessia” and in 2007, “Visions de Tirant lo Blanc”. Subsequently, another anthology of his photos was published in the PhotoLunwerg collection and in 2009 he reissued a second revised and enlarged edition of Photobolsillo No. 45, “Toni Catany”.

In 2012, his exhibition “Arxiu d’Ombres” at the Galería Blanca Berlin was awarded the Best Exhibition Award of the Off Festival of PhotoEspaña.


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