Tiago Casanova


As an artist I have used my architectural experience as a starting point to investigate and build new artistic projects, exploring different contemporary approaches that require the use of various media (installation, sculpture, illustration, drawing, video, sound, text and especially photography), in order to reflect and comment on the cities, the territory and the current society. My work is not limited by a certain aesthetic or fixed identity, but by a set of aesthetic and artistic forms that are used according to the specific theme or the story that I want to tell about the theme of architecture, but also concepts such as Nostalgia, Memory and Destruction.

My artistic activity is based on the basic presupposition of the architect profession: the Binomial Build / Destroy. The acts of building and destroying are processes in which one cannot exist without the other. Physically, mentally or ideologically, in building we are also destroying, and in destroying we are creating. Walter Benjamin said in his text “The destructive character” that destruction rejuvenates, creates emptiness and space where new ideas, concepts and forms can arise. By destroying we are also altering the course and the relationship with the subject, where there will always be a before and after. All my artistic work focuses on the multiple interpretations of the act of Destruction. I am interested in this moment of transformation that emphasizes the feeling of nostalgia for past reality, and the imagination and conception of future reality.


2006 / …  Architecture Integrated Masters at FAUP (Faculdade de Arquitectura da

Universidade do Porto – UP)

2010 / 11   Erasmus Programme at ETSAB (Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de

Barcelona UPC).

2008 / 09   Research Integration Programme by Centro de Comunicação e

Representação Espacial (CCRE – FAUP).



– Co-founder of XYZ Bookshop Lisbon

– Co-founder of A Ilha Cultural Association



2017        Finalist – “Art Photo Barcelona”

2015        Winner – “A 3 Bandas Jury Award – Shoot & Smile”

2015        Finalist – “Dusseldorf Portfolio Review”

2014        Finalist – “On Award – Off Festival Bratislava”

2014        Finalist – “FIFCV – Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Cabo Verde”

2014        Finalist – “Full Contact – Portfolio Reviews SCAN Photo Festival”

2014        Shortlisted – “Kassel Fotobook Dummy Award” – Pearl Photobook

2014        Top 10 – “Self Publish Riga” – Pearl Photobook

2014        Finalist – “Kolga Award”

2014        Best Works Selection – “Plat(t)form 2014”

2013        Finalist – “Emergentes DST Photography Award”

2013        Residency – “1ª Avenida”

2012        Honorable Mention – Novos Talentos Fnac Fotografia

2012        Bes Revelação Award

2011        Residency Grant – “European Borderlines Project”

2010        Honorable Mention – “Jovem Criador 10 – Aveiro”

2010        Finalist – “Casa da Galeria Award”

2009        Honorable Mention – “Jovem Criador 09 – Aveiro”

2009        1st Prize – “Go Photo”

2009        1st Prize – “Talentos Diário e Fotojornalismo”

2008        Research Integration Scholarship granted by FCT

2006        1st Prize – “Funchal uma cidade Marítima”

EXHIBITIONS (selected)

2017        “For Sale“, Galeria Painel, Porto, Portugal.

2017        “Déjà vu“, Galeria Oitavo, Antigo Hospital Maria Pia, Porto, Portugal.

2017        “Regra e Excepção“, Galeria das Salgadeiras, Lisboa, Portugal.

2017        “In.visibilidades“, Galeria Oitavo, Porto, Portugal.

2017        “Manipulation: The Return of Utopia“, Arquivo 237, Lisboa, Portugal.

2016        “Every wall is a statement“, Alumia Exhibition, Porto, Portugal.

2016        “Transforming Memories“, 280a Gallery, Vienna, Austria.

2016        “Cuestionamiento“, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Guimarães, Portugal.

2016        “Very Typical“, Galeria das Salgadeiras, Lisboa, Portugal.

2016        “Carrilho da Graça: Lisboa“, Architecture Museum Leopoldo Rother, Bogotá,


2016        “Utopia Hoje“, Museu Abílio de Mattos e Silva, Óbidos, Portugal.

2016        “7 Círculos“, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa, Portugal.

2016        “Casanova was arrested here“, Installation at Piazzetta dei Leoni, Venice,


2016        “Carrilho da Graça: Ponte Covilhã“, Video Installation Collaboration, Venice                Biennale, Italy,

2016        “Cuestionamiento II – Sociedad“, Sala de Arte Joven, Madrid, Spain.

2016        “Feira – Cuarto Público“, Galeria Dispara, Santiago Compostela, Spain.

2016        “Território Expandido“, Festival Outuno Fotográfico, Coruña, Spain.

2016        “7 Círculos“, Teatro das Figuras, Faro, Portugal.

2016        “Pearl“, Galeria Dispara, Pontevedra, Spain.

2015        “AMI Arte Urbana“, Silo Auto Gallery, Porto, Portugal.

2015        “Seeing is Believing“, Festival Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal.

2015        “Carrilho da Graça: Lisboa“, CCB – Garagem Sul, Lisboa, Portugal.

2015        “Gramáticas Flexíveis“, Casa das Artes, Porto, Portugal.

2015        “Alter Retrato“, Folio Club Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

2015        “POST//Vídeoarte“, Marcel Bookshop, Lisbon, Portugal.

2015        “El paisaje revisitado“, Blanca Berlin Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

2015        “Biography“, Photon Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2014        “Pearl“, Museum of Contemporary Art of Funchal, Portugal.

2014        “Off Bratislava“, Bratislava, Slovakia.

2014        “Biography – We“, Fotogalerie Wien, Austria.

2014        “Pearl“, Museu da Imagem de Braga, Portugal.

2014        “Encenação do Quotidiano“, AXA / 1ª Avenida, Porto, Portugal.

2014        “Art Photo Barcelona“, Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain.

2014        “Self Publish Riga“, Riga Photomonth, Riga, Latvia.

2014        “Kolga Award“, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2014        “Der Greif – A Process“, Neue Galerie im Hohmannhaus, Augsburg, Germany.

2014        “2014 Frames – International Photography Projections“, Centre for

Contemporary Arts , Glasgow, Scotland.

2014        “Plat(t)form 2014“, Winterthur Fotomuseum, Winterthur, Switzerland.

2013        “Emergentes DST Finalists“, Project “Test to the mnemonic ability of

photography”, Teatro do Circo, Braga, Portugal.

2013        “Entre Mundos“, Projection “Madeira”, Encontros de Fotografia de Agosto,

Fortaleza, Brazil.

2013        “Portuguese Photography“, Projection “Madeira”, Lodz Fotofestiwal,


2013        “Ícones da Fé“, Installation “Gang do Cobre”, Claustros de S. Domingos,

Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

2013        “1ª Avenida Residency“, Installation “Democracy / Asphyxia /

Bureaucracy”, AXA, Porto, Portugal.

2013        “1ª Avenida Residency“, Installation “ESTA[g]NAÇÃO”, AXA, Porto,


2013        “Ícones da Fé“, Installation “Gang do Cobre”, Grijó Monastery, Gaia,


2013        “Games of Glory“, Video Art / Performance, Maus Hábitos Gallery, Porto.

2013        “Putrica Urban Art Festival“, Freamund, Portugal.

2013        “Laissez Faire“, Project “Is it a Revolution?…Or just bad weather!?”,

Felisberto Oliveira, Porto, Portugal.

2013        “Hybrid Landscape“, Novos Talentos Fnac Fotografia, Fnac

MadeiraShopping, Madeira, Portugal.

2013        “Resgate“, Project “Is it a Revolution?…Or just bad weather!?”,

Antiga Casa Sá Cortinas, Barcelos, Portugal.

2013        “Bes Revelação“, Project “Test to the mnemonic ability of Photography”,

Bes Arte & Finança Gallery, Lisboa, Portugal.

2013        “1ª Avenida“, Project “Homage to Marcel Duchamp”, Axa

1ª Avenida, Porto, Portugal.

2013        “Hybrid Landscape“, Novos Talentos Fnac Fotografia, Fnac Stª Catarina,

Porto, Portugal.

2013        “European Borderlines“, Project “Madeira”, Nordic House, Reikjavik,


2012        “Bes Revelação“, Project “Test to the mnemonic ability of Photography”,

Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto, Portugal.

2012        “European Borderlines“, Project “Madeira”, Festival FotoLeggendo, Rome.

2012        “European Borderlines“, Project “Madeira”, Bursa Fotofest, Bursa, Turkey.

2012        “European Borderlines“, Project “Madeira”, Festival Encontros da Imagem,

Braga, Portugal.

2012        “Cityzines“, Independent Published books on Architecture and Photography,

“Shanghai” book, FAUP, Portugal.

2012        “Portuguese Photography“, Projection, Photographic project “Shanghai”,

Recyclart Bruxels, Belgium.

2012        “Trees” – Photography, Galeria Porta 22, Porto, Portugal.

2012        “Mnemosine” – Photographic project “Shanghai”, Galeria dos Leões, Porto.

2012        “Memória e Destruição – Memory & Destruction“, Photography and Video

Performance “Lost & Found & Vice Versa”, Porto, Portugal. (January 28)

2011        “Venepor“, Photographic Live Performance, Venepor – Cineclube da Maia,

Porto, Portugal. (October 1)

2011        “International Summer School of Photograhy“, Photography, Kuldiga City

Museum, Latvia.

2010        “Young Creators 10 – Jovens Criadores 10 – Aveiro“, Photography, Aveiro

Museum, Aveiro.

2010        “Planaltofotográfico – Iberian Documental Photography Meeting“,

Photograhy, Mogadouro Cultural Gallery, Mogadouro.

2010        “Casa da Galeria Award“, Photography, Casa da Galeria, Santo Tirso.

2010        “CinemArchitecture“, Video, Architecture Faculty of Porto University.

2009        “Young Creators 09 – Jovens Criadores 09 – Aveiro“, Photography, Aveiro

Museum, Aveiro.

2009        “Ephemeral Places – Lugares Efémeros“, Performance Project, UP, Porto.

2009        “Curatorial – Curadoria“, Photography, University of Porto, Porto.

2009        “A view on Bom Sucesso Market“, Photography, E-learning Café, Porto.

2008        “Rediscovering the Genius Loci of Bolhão Market“, Photography, E-learning

Café, Porto.

2008        “A view on the 14 Faculties of Porto University“, Photography, E-learning

Café, Porto.

2007        “10 x Black & White“, Photography, IPJ, Porto.

2006        “Sensitivity“, Photography, Madeira International Airport.

2006        “Funchal a Maritime City“, Photography, Funchal City 500 years

Celebrations headquarters, Madeira Island.



2018        “Pearl” (Photography)- Domus Magazine, IT.

2018        “The Backup Project” (Review)- YET Magazine, IT.

2017        “Every wall is a statement” (Installation) – Desblogada (Blog), January, PT.

2016        “Every wall is a statement” (Installation) – Attitude Magazine, December, PT.

2016        “Pearl” (Photography)- Tire, September, DE.

2016        “Pearl” (Photography)- Phases Mag, September.

2016        “Pearl” (Photography/Interview)- Slanted Magazine, January, DE.

2015        “Pearl” (Photography)- Emaho Magazine, India.

2015        “Is it a Revolution!?…” (Photography)- Kuš! Comics, January, LT.

2015        “Reality is Fiction” (Photography)- Unidade #8, January, PT.

2015        “Guest Blogger” (Photography)- Der Greif, January, Germany.

2014        “Pearl” (Photography)- GUP Magazine, August, NL.

2014        “Pearl” (Photography)- Paper Journal, March, UK.

2014        “Pearl” (Photography)- British Journal of Photography, February, UK.

2014        “Pearl” (Photography)- Suplemento P2 – Público, February, PT.

2014        “Pearl” (Photography)- Arte Photographica Blog, February, PT.

2014        “Der Greif: A Process” (Photography) – Der Greif Verlag, DE.

2013        “Nostalgia, Memória e Destruição” (Photography) – Contemporânea #1, PT.

2013        “XYZ Bookshop Lisbon” (Architecture) – Monocle Magazine Sept/Oct, UK.

2013        “Hybrid Landscape” (Photography/Text) – Aint Bad Magazine, USA.

2013        “Interview” (Photography / Interview) – Sentidos Magazine #1, PT.

2013        “5 Night Bars in Porto” (Photography) – Parq Magazine #37, PT.

2013        “Is it a Revolution?Or just bad weather!?…” (Photography) – Parasita
Magazine #3, PT.

2013        “Test to the mnemonic ability of photography” (Photography) – Dédalo
Magazine #9, PT.

2012        “Descending a Staircase” (Vídeo) – Matzine #12, UK.

2012        “Madeira – European Borderlines” (Photography) – P3, PT.

2012        “Madeira – European Borderlines” (Photography) – Stand Art Wall, PT.

2012        “Shanghai” (Photography) – Flânerie #2, Coimbra, PT.

2011        “Architecture, Art and Destruction” (Illustration) – Punkto Magazine #2,

Porto, PT.

2011        “Barcelona” (Photography / Interview) – Analognights Photography Blog.

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2010        “Ensaio sobre a Imagética de um Espaço Sentimental” (Photography) – Rua

Magazine #5, Lisboa, PT.

2010        “Ensaio sobre a Imagética de um Espaço Sentimental” (Photography) –

Revista Trama #0, Porto, PT.

2010        “Ensaio sobre a Imagética de um Espaço Sentimental” (Photography) – WIP

Magazine #6, Greece, November.

2009        “Saber ver a Fotografia” (Article) – Corda Magazine #3, Porto, PT.

2009        “Da Organização ao Caos” (Article) – Dédalo Magazine #6, Porto, PT.

2008        “A Fotografia na Arquitectura” (Article) – Manifesto Magazine #3, Porto.



2017        Book “Is it a Revolution?” (Photography) – XYZ Books.

2014        Book “Pearl” (Photography) – XYZ Books.

2013        Photobook “Madeira” (Photography) – Scopio Magazine Addendum.

2010        Book “Shanghai” (Photography) – Authors Book. Limited Edition of 20.


2016        Book “Porto Património Mundial 20 Anos | 20 Imagens”, CMP, Portugal.

2015        Festival Catalog “Portfolio Review Dusseldorf”, Germany.

2015        Exhibition Catalog “AMI – Exposição Arte Urbana Mupis”, Portugal.

2014        Exhibition Catalog “Biography”, Fotogalerie Wien, Austria.

2013        Exhibition Catalog “Ícones da Fé”, Grijó Monastery, Portugal.

2013        Exhibition Catalog “Games of Glory”, Maus Hábitos Gallery, Porto.

2012        Exhibition Catalog “Prémio Bes Revelação”, Museu de Serralves, Portugal.

2012        Festival Catalog “Encontros da Imagem – What Future?”, Braga, Portugal.

2012        Project Catalog “European Borderlines”.

2012        Exhibition Catalog “Trees”, Porta 22 Gallery, Porto, Portugal.

2011        Exhibition Catalog “International Summer School of Photography, Latvia.

2010        Exhibition Catalog “Jovens Criadores 09 – Aveiro”, Portugal.

2009        Exhibition Catalog “Jovens Criadores 10 – Aveiro”, Portugal.



2017        “Azulejos na Arte Urbana”, Festival Azzelij, Ovar, Portugal.

2016        “Apresentação Livro Backup Project”, Festival Encontros da Imagem, Braga.

2016        “Apresentação Livro Backup Project”, Flaneur Talks, Lisboa, Portugal.

2015        “Conversas”, Festival Silêncio, Lisboa, Portugal.

2015        “Libros & Fotos – Alter-retrato IV”, Art Deal Project, Barcelona.

2014        Work Presentation – Fine Art School of Porto University, Portugal.

2013        “Conversas com Fotografia” Talks – Cineclube de Guimarães, Portugal.

2013        “Global Art” Symposium – Casa do Alto da Maia, Portugal.

2013        Work Presentation – Serralves Contemporary Art Museum, Portugal.

2013        Invited lectures at “Art and Design in Public Space Master – MADEP” –
Porto University, Portugal.

2013        Work Presentation – Fnac Gallery

2013        Lecturer at “Scopio Roundtable #4” – FAUP, Portugal.

2012        Television interview on studio for “Cartaz das Artes – RTP Madeira”

2012        Project Presentation “Shanghai” – Flânerie Magazine #2 launch conference,
Coimbra, Portugal.

2012        Project Presentation “Madeira – European Borderlines” – Open Show
Coimbra, Portugal.

2012        Lecturer at “International Seminar ‘On the Surface’ – Architecture and
Public Space Images under Debate”, Porto, Portugal.

2012        Television Interview for Art News “RTP Madeira – Cartaz das Artes”

2011        Debate “Constructing Criticism” – Archizines Exhibition at AA –
Architecture Association, London, UK.

2009        Debate “Architecture Photography”, FAUP, Portugal.



2017        Exhibition Design for “Design by Porto, Porto by Design”, Porto, Portugal.

2016        Exhibition Design for “EYES WIDE OPEN – 100 Years of Leica Photography”,                   Galeria Municipal, Porto.

2016        Photographer of Lisbon Architecture Triennal, Portugal.

2013        Instructor at Junior University at FAUP.

2013        Architectural Project for XYZ Bookshop Lisbon.

2012 /      Photographer of “JA – Jornal Arquitectos”, Portugal.

2011 / 12   Instructor for the Academic Discipline “Comunicação, Fotografia e

Multimédia”, under the direction of the Professor Pedro Leão Neto,

Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto.

2011        Organizing Committee and Instructor of the Photography Workshop

“Repensar/Questionar Realidades Urbanas – Centro Histórico do Porto”,

FAUP and Palácio das Artes, September.

2010 – 12   Organizing Committee of the International Seminar “On the Surface –

Public Space and Architectural Images on Debate”, FAUP.

2010        Instructor of the International Photography Workshop “On the Surface”.

2010        Commissioner for the Individual Exhibition “Ínsulas” by João Margalha,

at the Portuguese Center of Photography (CPF).

2009 / 10   Photographer of “Rua Magazine”, Lisbon, Portugal.

2009 / 10   Photographer of “Bombart Magazine”, Porto, Portugal.

2009        Instructor of the Photography Workshop “Um outro olhar sobre o Espaço

Público da Ribeira”.

2009        Organizing Committee of the 2nd Cycle “A Fotografia na Arquitectura –

The Photography in Architecture”, at FAUP.

2009        Director of the “FAUP Architectural Photography Award”.

2009        Organizing Committee of the Debate “Fotografia e Espaço Público –

Photography and Public Space”, at Porto University.

2009        Co-Founder of Scopio – International Photography Magazine.

2009        Co-Founder of Cityscopio – Cultural Association.

2008        Co-Founder of Trama Magazine.

2008        Co-Founder of Evoluir – Youth Cultural Association.

2008        Director of the 1st Cycle “A Fotografia na Arquitectura – The Photography

in Architecture”, at FAUP.



Lisbon Architecture Triennal / Jornal Arquitectos / Gallery of Architecture / Dafne Editora / Ordem dos Arquitectos / Ordem dos Arquitectos Delegação da Madeira / Habitar Portugal / Archiprix Portugal / Banema / Architect Germano de Castro / Architect Marta Rocha / Lars Muller Publishers / Architecture School of Porto University / Pure Print / BombArt Magazine / Rua Magazine / Park Magazine / Diagonal Magazine / University of Porto / Cineclube da Maia / Holy Nothing / Summary Architects / Architect Ricardo Morais Sousa / Architect Pedro Bragança / Craft Architecture / Atelier Da Costa / Architect João Gameiro / Architect Mafalda Mendonça / Architect Carrilho da Graça / Architect Pedro Campos Costa /  ACA / R2 Design / Promontório Architects / Atelier Matrioskas / 18:25 Studio / Nuno Pimenta / Sofia dos Santos / Rui Soares Costa / Galeria das Salgadeiras



– Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto

– Universidade do Porto

– Centro de Comunicação e Representação Espacial

– Private Collections

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