The Children Pox


The Children Pox is an artistic pair formed by the Spaniard Juan Zamora (Madrid, 1982) and the Belgo-Mexican Alejandra Freymann (Xalapa, 1983).

When Alejandra and Juan go to work hand in hand the result is always drawings, very small almost in their totality, precious, crossed by narrations that are not ashamed of their literary character or their proximity to the world of illustration or story. Around these also arise the most diverse objects, strange documentation -always fictional, or not-, as well as family sagas and stories written in the form of letters, fables, children’s stories …

The papers they use as support are usually very special, dedicating to their choice and treatment a lot of time and care. They find them in old stationery, disused remittances or forgotten moldy warehouses or things like that; but they also pick them up from the street, or find them in old shops, shops, flea markets, old books, and so on.

Alejandra and Juan do not live nearby, not even in the same city: when he was in Madrid and she in Cuenca they devised a method of work “in stages”, by which either of them began a drawing, moving up to a certain point to, then, send it to the other by mail. Upon receiving it, he could change it completely or simply continue it in the direction that seemed best. And so they continue working until today. The final result has to satisfy the two and, of course, to conclude a piece is an adventure. Now that he is in New York and she is going from here to there without stopping, they continue with this way of drawing all over the world.

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