Blanca Berlín Gallery, in collaboration with CEAS Sahara, promotes a solidarity sale of artworks donated by renowned national and international artists, including names such as Isabel Muñoz, Luis González Palma, Ramón Masats, Cecilia Paredes, Pérez Siquier, Castro Prieto, Han Sungpil … and many others who have generously given their works in support of the Saharaui people cause.

The benefits obtained will go entirely to alleviate the many shortcomings of the Audiovisual Training School Abidin Kaid Saleh, which was born with the aim of offering a partial solution to the needs of professional and cultural training of the Saharaui refugee population in the camps of Tindouf, Algeria.

For more than four decades, the Saharaui people have maintained a persevering resistance against the illegal occupation of their country, Western Sahara. A firmness sustained by the will of an entire people that has shown signs of dignity and determination to recover its independence and build its future in peace, democracy and freedom. Since the occupation of its territory in 1970, following the Moroccan Green March, 175,000 Saharauis live as refugees in an emergency situation, depending on international aid while their natural resources are plundered without their consent. All this, awaiting a democratic solution that should come through the organization of a referendum sponsored by the UN in which they can freely decide their future.

During these 40 years, the Associations of Friends of the Saharaui People, grouped under the State Coordination of Associations in Solidarity with the Sahara, CEAS Sahara, have focused their work on the construction in refugee camps of adobe houses, schools, hospitals … in the organization of support actions such as humanitarian aid caravans, solidarity marathons, the FIS Sahara International Film Festival or the program for welcoming children in Peace Vacations in Spain.

The works will be exhibited at Blanca Berlín Gallery from January 9th to the 12th of 2019. In addition to contributing to a good cause, people who buy these works will benefit from support prices considerably lower than their value in the art market.

The opening of the show will take place on January 9th, at 8:00 pm, at Blanca Berlín Gallery. Jira Bulahe, representative of the Saharaui people in Spain, and Pepe Taboada, President of CEAS Sahara, will greet the attendees, who will be presented with a Saharan tea.



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