Nada es más profundo que la piel

“There is nothing deeper than the skin,” the Paul Válery poem, oracular and prophetic, opens perspectives that become independent from its author to demonstrate what the vate knew: that the uncertain time’s epidermis is in where all the forms are inscribed. Narrative skills in each one of us. […]

In the pieces of Pep Carrió there are textures that are texts improved with the patience and knowledge of who wants (and can!) to build stories that recover skins of life, different branches, chips, buttons, strings, photos that are essentially, paragraphs of history. Pieces of stories in which this poet of representation weaves new narrations always open, dizzying, inconclusive as a raft that wanders in seas of unreachable shores, between the strangeness of something that can be and doesn’t exist or that maybe will never exist. Each piece is a novelistic opening in which a knot is exposed, a nonspecific narrative center that Dostoevsky understands as the center of the scheme in modern story.

Thus, the vertebral proposal of presentation, knot and outcome that the Russian author bequeathed to us, meant at the end of the 19th century, to grant star prominence to the course of life itself, previously subsumed in the transcendence between a being born and a dying, between a genesis and an apocalypse. The knots, are reactivated in this exhibition where each proposal is a thread of Ariadna that each one will weave in its own way. It will put its characters, visible and invisible, help build a story and invent an outcome. It remains for those who dialogue with each and every one of the pieces, the opening to invent a beginning; the precipitation of building an outcome. But on the condition of entering, of crossing the cortex, that is, of imagining, inventing, discovering the ghostly and unusual thing that each piece contains, like each knot, in its own epidermis. That is, in its depths. […]

Cristina Santamaría. Excerpt from “Nothing deeper than the skin (Praise to the paradox)”

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