Juan Carlos Vázquez


I take pictures on trips, in my city, in my house; I take photos anywhere. I take pictures of the people that interest me, and I take pictures of what I am absorbed in. As I get to know things, places, people …, my own world is created: that’s what I photograph. I take pictures of myself, from the outside. When I press the shutter, another part of the photography process begins, perhaps the most interesting one. Each image matures slowly to be able to express itself. Sometimes years pass until a shot becomes a photograph. Photography is created in the photographer’s mind; the technique only serves so that it can materialize. In the laboratory the ideal conditions for reflection, analysis, creation and maturation of the work are given: the dim light, the smell, the silence … The result of the photochemical process is not comparable to any other. Subtlety and richness of nuances is inherent to the process itself, but creation is to the mood of the photographer In this way of understanding photography, photos have their own soul, and this is the most important thing for me.

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