Inédito Masats

By Chema Conesa

The best and most consecrated photographic production of Ramón Masats was concentrated in a decade in the middle of the last century. The radicality of his gaze and his graphic approaches renewed the foundations of language and affirmed Masats’s own perspective. Authorship was then born in documentary photography.

At that time, photography strived to be reality itself. The veracity attributed to the mere mechanical capture of the camera supposed an indisputable optical truth of the photographic document, however the work of the Catalan photographer made all these terms questionable statements.
Masats’s approach was not designed from rationality, it was an obstinate decision to express himself in a way, far from any influence or current of the moment. His work was an explosion of intimate sensibility in the handling of an intuitively acquired language, a superb expressive talent far removed from any academic doctrine that had a great impact on the current photographic panorama.

We need to picture a voracious Masats, recently arrived in Madrid from his native Cataluña, ready make a living from photography and stripped of all artistic pretensions, he faced commissions for Illustrated Gazette, or the Tourism Secretariat with a decision to narrate and communicate his visual awareness. Therefore today, we can see his enormous production from that decade because of a discovered wardrobe full of negatives and vintages.

These are photographs largely discarded back in the day, purposefully removed because of insufficiently quality to opposed to the classicism of that time. Surprising images that discover author’s versatility in different subjects and discover a parallel journey of photographs silenced by Masats’s historical production.

Time attributes a new life to the story of these images that complement and explain the development of his work, certify its impact on the collective memory and consecrate the construction of his ironic and peculiar gaze.

Ramón Masats, consecrated, unedited and alive.


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