El no retorno. Cecilia Paredes

The exhibition El no retorno metaphorically represents the individual’s search for his path in life, in a hybrid experience of expressive formulations in which photoperformances, sculptures, installations, sound art come together … A cartography of the loss suffered by his main actors, migrants, as a result of personal and cultural situations that have been imposed on them, and with which the artist identifies herself after having lived in five different countries: Peru, Mexico, England, Italy, Costa Rica, the United States. Cecilia Paredes (Peru, 1950), one of the most influential artists in the Latin American scene, establishes her narrative scope from the committed look of anyone who perceives with an ethical perspective the reality of the world that surrounds it.

The expressive inquiry of the Peruvian artist, her incursions into painting, engraving, collage have been guiding a way towards one of her most recognized artistic manifestations and recognizable: the performatic photography, for which she appropriates different identities based on her own reality and on how she perceives the environment and the materials that are in it. Her iconographies are like a mirror of the states of her mood, contradictions, and nostalgia …. The reflection gives us back a symbolist worldview, a psychic narrative that translates into a visual language of painting the body in endless mise en scene with her own figure as inspiration source. She also transforms her image into that of marginal animals, those that do not allow themselves to be touched, the humblest, space in which she is comfortable, making us pay attention to the essentials of life. Letting us become aware of our position in the world.

Collecting elements that nature discards, providing them with a second chance to integrate them into her works, is the way Cecilia Paredes builds her allegory thanking the earth for being a source of energy, food, protection and well-being, by providing a second chance to those forgotten goods. The artist provides us with many art works generated from the finding, almost always fortuitous, of materials whose texture and connotations act as sources of inspiration for new creations. The conditions of its discovery, its origin and implications mark the character of the work, influencing its development and its message, testimonial reflections about the fragility of life, the precariousness of our mortal condition. Sometimes, the artist takes us away from her social and political restlessness.

In the installations of marine atmosphere, Paredes presents us with a metaphor about the departure and arrival and the stories and events that make up these events in life. The disturbing chords created for the installation by the American composer Jay Reise immerse us in the poetic climax of El no retorno, evoking the tragedy of a truncated dream, the impossibility of arriving …

Blanca Berlín

Curator of the exhibition

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