Andrea Sánchez-Elía


Born in New York, USA, 1990. Nationality: Spanish

Thinking about how I was going to write this, I realized that throughout my short life I have always had photography close by. With 8 years I still did not take photos, but I spent hours with my aunt watching how she retouched hers on the computer; She used to tell me things about light and how the sunset was the best time to make portraits.

My mother gave me my first official photography class when I was twelve, on a boat while taking pictures of my cousin navigating, “Andre, make sure the horizon is not twisted out!” I shouted between waves. My second and last class was given by a woman whose body did not fit a single tattoo. It was in a studio in New York, lasted 40 minutes and taught me the relationship between aperture, speed and diaphragm. I took four pictures of a mannequin, two of a wall, and then I went to the streets of New York to put everything in practice. Despite not being the owner of a decent camera until I was 18, I remember being an expert in taking over the cameras of those around me. Just like Mercedes, my father’s wife, who I drove crazy. Every time we went on a trip, I ended up with her camera hanging around my neck; camera or video camera, it did not matter. At the end of a trip to Italy she told me with his Argentine accent: “Che Andre, you have a good eye don’t you?” and from there, I stopped taking possession of her camera and she gave it voluntarily to me. I have always been a curious person. It intrigues me to see that there is beyond the bubble in which I grew up. When I was seventeen I went to Africa for the first time accompanied by a digital Canon that worked with batteries. “I’m not going to have electricity, so I’m going with this.” My mother did not believe me. I returned from the passionate trip, with a memory card full of portraits and, of course, all of them extremely pixelated.

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