Ros, un nombre fotográfico (1918-2017)


Ros, un nombre fotográfico (1918 – 2017)


Group exhibiton curated by Rosa Ros Amador


Bartolomé Ros y Ros

Bartolomé Ros Amador

Alberto Ros Díaz




Bartolomé Ros y Ros (Cartagena 1906 – Madrid 1974) took photographs in order to survive. As Alejandro Castellote says: “his time as photographer does not relate to any vocation but to a deep respect towards photographic trade”. During his first years (1918 – 1929) he developed his work as a profesional photographer and focused in the Spanish Civil War in African lands (mainly Ceuta and Maroco).

In 1929 he opend Casa Ros, his own business, dedicated to timporting photographic materials in Ceuta. Later on, in 1963, he opened a second space in Madrid with the great help of his son Alberto, with a dark room were works by many professionals and amateurs of photography were printed for years.

Amateur but still highly passionated as his father, Bartolomé Ros Amador (Ceuta 1933) has taken pictures of those who he has loved throughout his life. Always accompanied by his Rolliflex camera, he was raised in the modern city of Tanger in the 40’s-50’s.

Alberto Ros Díaz (Madrid 1969), grandson and nephew of the above mentioned, is both the present and the future of this story. He only visits the past through his work process: wet collodion, a photographic technique used between 1850–1880 which producse unique images out from either glass or aluminium plaques; a process as imperfect as humans ourselves.

Rosa Ros Amador


March 2017