Real and imagined

  Maagie Taylor Jerry Uelsmann    


Maggie Taylor

In her digital photomontages Maggie Taylor (Ohio, 1961) opens for us a multitude of doors into a seductive, richly nuanced dream world. They are small microcosms that take us back to the past, incorporating fragments of old photographs obtained in street markets or through the internet. It is mostly portraits of individuals, families or small groups dressed for the occasion, for what will probably be the only session of their lives in a photo studio. We will never know about all these people, whose portraits have been given a new life in the hands of Maggie Taylor.

Jerry Uelsmann

For more than five decades, Jerry Uelsmann (Detroit, 1934) has devoted his efforts to trying to transform the photographic language, de-emphasizing its function as a document and turning it into a way of reinventing reality. Maintaining a strict adherence to the purely analog techniques of the darkroom, he is recognized as one of the pioneers of image manipulation, influencing and inspiring a large number of artists and photographers from around the world.

Uelsmann creates his images by integrating multiple negatives and development processes. After more than half a century of his first appearance on stage, the acclaimed master of photomontage continues to develop a unique and transforming style of fusion between the subjective and the objective in a single image.

Jerry Uelsmann is an internationally recognized artist and author of multiple books.