Toni Catany

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Self-taught. He lives and works in Barcelona since 1960.


In 1968 he published his first illustrated reports on Israel and Egypt in Destino magazine and on the Balears Islands in La Vanguardia.


In 1979 he becomes internationally recognized for his photography investigation upon the collotype media.


Since his first exhibition in 1972, he has done more than fifty solo exhibitions and carried out a similar number of group exhibitions all around the world.


He is the author of a monograph on the photographer Tomás Monserrat (1873-1944).


In 1987 Lunwerg Editores published a selection of his still life photographies in color, ”Natures Mortes”, awarded as the best photograph book during the edition of the Primavera Fotográfica in 1988.


At the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie de Arles he won the Book Prize with “La meva Mediterrània”, edited by Lunwerg and awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya as the best illustrated book of the year.  


In July 1991, the French Ministère de Culture granted him the title of Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.


In 1994, Lunwerg Ed. edited “Somniar deus” and ”Obscura memoria”.


In 1997 his monograph “Toni Catany. Fotografies” was awarded by Editores Europeos and was published simultaneously in Germany, France, England, Italy and Spain.


Also in 1977 he won the prize of the Best Illustrated Book of the year granted by the Generalitat de Catalunya.


In September 2000, the National Museum of Art of Catalunya (MNAC) exhibited an anthology of his photographies “Toni Catany. El artista en su paraíso”.


In 2001, the Generalitat de Catalunya awarded him the Premio Nacional d’Arts Plástiques. The same year, the Ministry of Culture granted him the Photography National Prize.


In 2002 he published two books, ” Dels qui escriuen “,  with portraits of catalans writers, and  in PhotoBolsillo  nº 45  “Toni Catany “, edited by La Fábrica.


In 2003 he published “Record de Llucmajo ” and in 2004,  “Liebana infinita “.


In 2006, again with Lunwerg Editores, he published “Venessia”, first volume of a series of six, which will gather his travel pictures.    


From 6th May to the 3rd of June 2008 he will be exhibiting in Blanca Berlín Galería, Madrid, his newest works, “El Tiempo y las Cosas”.