Ramón Masats

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Reina Sofia National Art Centre Collection
Alcobendas Culture Trust Collection
Madrid Community Collection
Fotocolectania Foundation
San Fernando Royal Academy Collection
Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art
Negtor Photography Prize (1960)
Ibarra Prize for Best Published Book (1963. Los Sanfermines. Ed. Espasa Calpe)
Special Prize in Tahormina for his first documentary Prado Vivo (1964)
Silver Medal Miqueldi Prize for direction of the documentary El que Enseña (1965, Production: Mario Camus. Cinematography Festival of Bilbao)
CIDALC Prize (1965, Cinematography Festival of Bilbao)
Bartolomé Ros Prize for Best Professional Career (2001, Photoespaña Festival)
Community of Madrid Culture Prize (2002)
National Photography Prize (2004)
Hispanic Culture Institute (1957)
Madrid Athenaeum (1961)
Neutral Corner (1983. Raylowki Gallery. Valencia)
Cataluña Photgraphic Spring(1984)
Los Sanfermines (1985. Príncipe de Viana Artspace. Pamplona. Commissioner: Koldo Chamorro)
Madrid Athenaeum (1986)
Imatges Escollides (1993. Gabriel Cualladó Collection. IVAM)
About Miguel Delibes (1994. Alcalá de Henares University)
Ranón Masats Retrospective (1999. Círculo de Bellas Artes. Photoespaña Photography Festival)
San Fernando Bank (1999. Sevilla)
Cádiz Museum (2000)
Introduction to Photography in Cataluña (2000. Cataluña Art Museum)
Exposition about Photobolsillo book (2000. Madrid)
Ramón Masats Retrospective. Photography (2000. León, Ponferrada, Palencia, Valladolid and Zamora)
Vintages (2001. Kowasa Gallery. Barcelona)
La Virreina Institute of Culture (2002. Barcelona)
Matadero Cultural Centre (2002. Huesca)
Casa de los Tilos Museum (2002. Granada)
The Constructed Memory (2002. Commissioner: Chema Conesa. Canal de Isabel II. Madrid)
Cervantes Institute (2002. Moscow. Projection of documentary Insular)
The Constructed Memory (2003. León, Valladolid, Burgos, Almería, Sevilla, Granada, Pontevedra and Úbeda
Cervantes Institute (2003.. Athens, Rome, Milán and Bremen)
Cervantes Institute (2004. Cervantes Institute. Berlin, Toulouse, Warsaw, Viena)
Portuguese Photography Centre (2004. Porto)
Joaquín Leguina Artspace (2004. C.A.M.)
Modern Times Gallery (2005. Madrid)
Cervantes Institute (2005. Personal work and projection of documentary Insular)
20 Photographs (2005. SONIMAG. Barcelona)
Cervantes Institute . (2005. Tunisia)
Cervantes Institute (2006. Personal work and projection of documentary Insular. Munich)
Personal work and projection of documentary Insular (2006. Bordeaux)
Neorrealism (2006. MNAC. Barcelona)
A Look at Cuenca (2007. Cuenca) Ramón Masats. Color (2007.PhotoEspaña. Blanca Berlín Galería)
AFC (1956. París) Collective with Ricard Terré and Xavier Miserach (1957. Barcelona, Madrid, Almería) AFAL Group (1958. Europe)
Self-portrait Room. commisioner: Otto Steinner (1961. Germany)
El Paso Group (1963. Sala Biosca. Madrid)
With Carlos Saura (1964.Juana Mordó Gallery)
Catalan Fotography of the Fifties (1985. Mes de la Foto de París)
Madrid School (1988. MEAC)
AFAL Group (1991. Almería)
Four Directions (1991. Collective. Reina Sofía Museum)
Time of Silecnce (1992)
Du Jour Gallery (1995. Photo Month. París)


Neutral Corner (1962. Texts: Ignacio Aldecoa)
Portfolio (1962. Swiss Magazine CAMERA)
Los Sanfermines (1963. Ed. Espasa Calpe)
Old Stories From Castilla La Nueva (1964. Text: Miguel Delibes. Ed. Lumen)
Our Madrid (1981. Text: Luis Carandell. Ed. Luna Wenberg)
Diverse Spain (1982. Ed. Luna Wenberg)
Royal Palaces and Royal Monasteries (1983. In collaboration with Francisco Ontañón. Ed. Patrimonio Nacional)
Madrid is more than Madrid. Text: Luis Carandell (1984. Ed. Lunwerg)
Jerez, from Yesterday to the Future (1985. Ed. Lunwerg)
Andalucia (1986. Text: Caballero Bonald)
Al-Andalus, Islam in España (1987)
Portfolio (1987. Text: Mary Lou Soguez . Lápiz Magazine.)
From Heaven to Madrid (1988. Ed. Lunwerg)
From Heaven to Spain (1988. Ed. Lunwerg)
Seville (1989. Ed. Lunwerg. )
Chosen for the book 75 Years of Leica in Germany.
Shipyards, from Yesterday to Today (1991. With Publio López Mondéjar and others)
Madrid, Madrid, Madrid (1995. Text: Luis Carandell)
Fotography and Society in Franco’s Spain – Fountains of the Memory (1996. With Publio López Mondéjar)
Portfolio (1997. MATADOR magazine)
Toro (1998. Text: Joaquín Vidal)
Ramón Masats (2000. Photobolsillo Collection. 2 editions)
A Century in the Life of Spain (2001. In collaboration. Ed. Lunwerg)
The Constructed Memory (2002. Culture Prize Exposition Catalogue Madrid Autonomous Community)
As Such (2003. Author’s Folder with 5 originals)
Portolio (2005. 100 Spanish Photographs. Ed. Exit)
Old City of Cuenca (2006)
Contacts (Ed. Lunwerg)
Direction of documentary Prado Vivo (1964)
Direction of documentary He Who Teaches, Mario Camus production(1965)
Direction of documentaries, TV, adverts (1965-1981. Know Spain, The Eve of Our Time, The Rivers, If Stones Could Speak, I Sing, etc…)
Direction feautre-length Topical Spanish, with own script, and from the comedian Chumy Chumez (1970)
Roots, by Manuel Garrido Palacios (RTVE. 1981-82)
Four documentaries about The Islamic World for the Mexican TV channel Televisa (1982)
Coordination series Bullfighting for RTVE (1983)
Coordination The Sacred Wood for RTVE (1986)
Documentary for RTVE about The Great Bazaar of Istanbul (1987)
Documentary for RTVE about the restoration of the Velazquez painting The Rendition of Breda (1988)
Documentary for The Universal Exposition of Seville (1990)
Direction of documentary Columbus’s Spain (1990)
Documentary about Cantabria for the Expo 92 (1992)
Documentary about Andalusia for the Expo 92 (1992)
Projection of his film Topical Spanish in a retrospective Barcelona Alternative Cinema Festival (2000)
Presidente of the Fotopress Prize judging panel (1988)
Judge for the Terrassa Bank Fotographic Prize (2001-2003-2005)
Judge for the Huelva Latin American Cinema Festival (2003)
Judge for the NotodoFest Prizes (2005)
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