Ernesto Arroyo

2003 – 2007 2008 – 2009

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Madrid. Spain, 1959


Studies in the Official Art Institute in Madrid.

Apprenticeship of impression techniques in collaboration with Grupo Canal in graphic works.



Manuel Franquelo’s student, one of the Spanish leading hyper-realist painters. at Peña´s Studio of Madrid



Cofounder of Equipo Cartel devoted to creative original graphic works. These works were reproduced in newspapers, in a European Parliament poster and also in the Elenco de Estampas (Print’s Collection) edited by Real Academia de San Fernando (San Fernando Royal Academy). We collaborate staging “Maquinahamlet” represented by the theater company Espacio Cero in Madrid, in 1986. In ARCO we had works with the Gallery Imágenes, in group exhibitions of Museo Municipal de El Ferrol and the autonomous region of Madrid in BARCO POR LA PAZ (boat for peace.)



Graphic designer in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Technical University of Madrid) to present.



A two years study of techniques. (gum bichromate, carbon prints, reliefs on gelatin,  stuccos….) Since that moment he has done more than twenty editions over Sergio Ramírez’ originals, applying techniques and unconventional materials in  graphic edition.



International participation in the International Biennial of Photography: awarded with Gaudi Medal and the Diploma (for two selected works).



He starts working in the field of digital photography drive to [pigments inkjet prints over own built- support and to high quality files].



Promoted by Blanca Berlín Gallery. Madrid. España



April. Participation in MADRIDFOTO promoted Blanca Berlín Gallery. September Exhibition (with Axelle Fossier) at Blanca Berlín Gallery in Madrid.


2011 Junio. Publicación de portfolio en el número 627 de la revista Arte Fotográfico.