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Pascale Killimann-Braun impersonates cinematic characters from specific movies to examine the ways that the mainstream film industry has depicted the physically disabled experience. She confronts the viewer with stereotypical portrayals of the physically disabled and addresses the falsification of imagery that “we” accept. Who does the audience see – the “person with the disability” or the actor/actress?

She plays the role of the hero, the burden, the curios, the victim, the villain, the laughable, the sweet and innocent, etc. Roles originally played by able-bodied actors playing physically disabled people. A collage of Hollywood scenes stripped from all ornament, a personal and yet impersonal “homemade” video.

In the end, Pascale Killimann-Braun is an actress just like any other actress playing roles.

The song she sings in the video is the original theme song for the television series ‘Heidi’. ‘Heidi’ is a children’s story book about the life of a young girl living in the Swiss Alps. It was written in 1880 by Swiss author Johanna Spyri. Heidi became internationally famous as a television production. About 20 films of the original story have been made worldwide.

In the story, Heidi is taken away from her home, the mountains, to live in Frankfurt as a companion of a wealthy physically disabled girl named Clara Sesemann. Heidi is homesick but is forced to stay with Clara, creating an emotional burden upon Heidi who eventually grows ill and returns to the mountains. When Clara visits Heidi in the mountains, she experiences a miracle and walks. Heidi is overcome with joy to see Clara walking.

A work about the media and identity.

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