Michèle Maurin. Alchemy

Michèle Maurin



Taken in black and white analogue film, the photographs of Michèle Maurin’s (Ivory Coast, 1954 – France, 2014) adquire their coloured through a process in the dark room, accomplished by the artists herself, where she used to tone each copy using an enormous variety od precious metals, such as selenium, vanadium, iron, gold, sodium monosulfide… She was the first one in using henna in her toning processes. The results of this technique are unique creations which, although coming from a same negative, will never be identiques.

In words of her own daughther, Anouk Garcia, “Michele is possessed by light, by the African continent where she was born. Sorceress of the dark, she seals marriages on silver paper, revealing the eternal like in the shade. She made a deal with time, burning the paper with magic potions only she knows the secret of these days”.

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