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Madrid, 1961 Started in photography in 1993 through her participation in different seminars and art workshops. Since the beginning of her career, she has developed her photographic work both in the professional field, working mainly in publishing and advertising, and in the artistic sphere, producing projects consisting of closed and independent series. With the exception of Caribbean Grey, a harsh social and political criticism of Western society’s use (and abuse) of tourism, all her artistic works are clearly self referencial. For this reason, her biography (or, in other words, how she is situated in the world and her relationship with it) has deeply determined her creative impulse. In two of her series, Water and Sea skin, self-portrait and water are the two central themes around which an existential discourse revolves, a discourse that is influenced by her nostalgia for the sea and also, metaphorically speaking, nostalgia for the amniotic fluid. Continuing in this same autobiographical vein, Dialogs approaches the intense world of the artis´s relationships, and Larache/AlAraich, a project still in progress, recovers the memory of this Atlantic city (once a Spanish protectorate in Morocco) where she spent her childhood and adolescence.

Solo exhibitions


Water. La Escalera Gallery. Cuenca.

Dialogues. Maior Gallery. Palma de Mallorca.

Larache-Al Araich (in collaboration with S. Olmo). Blanca Soto Gallery. PhE05. Madrid.


Dialogues. Spectrum-Sotos Gallery. Zaragoza.


Water. UNICEF Art Centre. Sevilla.


Water. Maior Gallery. Pollença. Mallorca.

2001Sea Skin. H2O Gallery. Barcelona

Water. Alava´s Historical Territory Archive. Vitoria-Gasteiz. Catalogue.


 Blue Notebook. Doblespacio Gallery. Madrid.

Group exhibitions


Mujeres & Mujeres. Instituto Cervantes. Chicago. USA.

Mujeres & Mujeres. Instituto Cervantes. Albuquerque. USA.


Women&Women (January-june 2010). Embassy of Spain in Washington DC, during the

Spanish Presidency of European Union. Project curated by Blanca Berlín ((Blanca Berlín



15 Years of Spanish Contemporary Photography (Alcobendas´ Collection). Different venues

(Alcobendas, Madrid); Andalusian Photography Centre (Almería).


The water´s streams. EMASESA Cultural. Catalogue.

Emotionals scenes. Blanca Berlín Gallery. PhE08. Madrid.

Art=Life=Art. Vostell Malpartida Museum. Cáceres.

Spaces. Full Art Gallery. Sevilla.


Cartographical Variations. Montehermoso Community Centre. Vitoria-Gasteiz. Catalo-gue.


Intrasenses. Another Look at the Collection. Artium. Vitoria-Gasteiz. Catalogue.


The useless journey (Caribbean Grey project). Lanzarote´s 2nd  Bienal (Canarias). Catalogue.

ARCO´03. Maior Gallery. Madrid.


In Centimeters. XX Century Art in small size. Fernando Pradilla Gallery. Madrid.


 Genres and tendencies at the beginning of the XXI Century. Alcobendas´ Town Council Community Centre. Catalogue.


 Ungraspables Edges. Revillagigedo Palace (Gijón); Damián Bayón Centre (Santa Fe, Granada);

Amárica Hall (Vitoria-Gasteiz). Catalogue.


 Heartbeats. Cuzco IV Building. PhE99. Madrid.


 The Body and the Memory. Canal de Isabel II. Madrid. Catalogue.


Water. Número Magazine, nº 16 (December´98). Colombia.

Caribbean Grey. Atlántica Magazine, nº 24 (Autumn´99). CAAM. Gran Canaria.


Regional Government of Madrid


Alava Fine Arts Museum

Alcobendas´ Town Council

La Caixa Foundation


Regional Government of Madrid’s Award for Artistic Creation 2008. Larache/Al-Araich project.