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Eva Gabrielle (Mar del Plata. Argentina. 1972)

When I was just eight years old my mother gave me a Polaroid camera as a Christmas

present. It was my first approach to taking pictures. My father, through his fondness

for photography and cinema, was at the heart of my starting career as a photographer.

At a very early age I had access to my dad’s dark room and we did enjoy countless

movie sessions together.

In my teenage years I was in constant search for images. I was playing around with a

worn out Pentax K1000. I was really fond of cinema and this lead me to make a certain

type of images, very instinctive. Technique came later on. By then I was after the

atmosphere that I could watch on the big screen.

Moved by the frustration of my first results, I begin to study on a self-taught approach.

I was young and rebellious but I needed to find a master, somebody who could teach

me the right skills…

The structured and disciplined educational system was not for me…

I did find my alternative solution on Carlos Barbeito, a former teacher from

the State Art College. He was giving lectures in his garage so he could smoke

without his wife knowing.

He saw the potential in me and taught me everything I needed to know by then…

He died in 1995. From that moment, I followed up my own way, growing and learning

from the variety of professionals and artists that did cross into my way.

I completed my formation both on artistic and human level working, collaborating and

finally living…

Today I believe that an artist is never complete. He must always challenge and

question everything, so that he keeps on searching and evolving.