Exhibition “Journey to the Center of the fog”. Jaime Compairé

Inauguración: 12 de Noviembre de 2009

Viaje al centro de la niebla

In this new exhibition at the Blanca Berlin Gallery, Jaime Compairé presents yet another collection of empty and disturbing landscapes, full of the usual inhabitants from his personal and very private universe. It is no coincidence that this exhibition is his second within a short space of time. His use of acid irony to reflect on key issues, his committed and suggestive poetry, the complicity he establishes with the spectator and his innovative technique (half-way between photography and the art of painting) make this multifaceted creator one of the key references in the current panorama.

Journey to the center of the fog

There are expressways, freeways, dual carriage-ways, motor-ways (main and secondary ones), village roads, bridle paths, driveways, country roads… There are cul-de-sacs, dead ends and one way streets, roads that go nowhere and roads that go round and round in circles. Some paths lead to Rome, (but not all paths prove to be the right one, what ever the Pope might say) and others, for example, might lead to a motel with flickering neon lights. There are roads painted in white and some in yellow, like the one in the Wizard of Oz. I know the Long and Winding Road of Lennon and McCartney, a lone road that takes you to the end of the road and many who try to go north although the South exists and that is where you are.

And then certain disbelievers like me (tired and fed up of the queues at the check-in counter) choose the nights to crash on the road which starts at the terminal of one’s own  pituitary gland and takes one directly to the heart of the fog (don’t try and find it in the Michelin Guide). This is exactly where I have found some of these lost travelers (hung on the walls of Blanca’s gallery, they seem more lost than ever) and more than travelers, they seem more like traveling salesmen due to the excessive amount of baggage they are carrying. We are so naive, that we frequently think we are immortal (or at least, believe we are going to be around for a long time like unemployment) and instead of being happy with what we have got, we fill our suitcases to bursting point in case the trip lasts longer, forever and beyond. As if we didn’t know that life is a one way trip which cannot be rewound. It only has play and off. No way back.

Jaime Compairé, November 2009.