Exhibition “The locked spirit”. Badri Lomsianidze

Inauguración:  11 de Noviembre de 2010

El espíritu encerrado

 The works by Badri Lomianisdze (Kutaísi, Georgia – 1961) are characterized by a deep balance between the great pureness of expressionism and the refinement inherent to the classical shapes.

The Renaissance-like profile of a woman or the representation of a traditional still life coexist with the impulsive and strong stroke, which characterizes all his artistic production. His works are unique, experimental, filled with the spontaneity of the author, and yet beautiful. The visual pleasure is a basic condition for Badri Lomsianidze. The materials he uses or the space disorder in his work are unimportant issues: all in all, his oeuvres are always enveloped by a rhythm, which provides them with harmony.

Although he states that no fixed concept or specific idea lies at the base of his artwork, in each one of them, we can sense his enclosed spirit, his culture and his ideals, his family and his faith. The act of creating is just a way of emptying his own self onto the canvas, paper or installation.

On the other hand, and even though an “aura” of intimacy can be clearly perceived in his work, the disturbing universe of the artist remains open to the spectators imagination and their free interpretation. The public is carried away by the artist’s decadent sceneries and characters, which belong to no time nor place, and it is the public who finally give shape to their own story with an unknown ending.

Badri Lomsianidze’s art can be defined by its limit-free semantic and technical plurality. Any kind of resources, means or materials can be used in order to generate outstanding works, which enclose a personal style that could be defined correctly as “symbolic expressionism”. The artist, carried away by his own passion and aesthetic intuition turns to his own personal repertoire, looking for images, which he then transposes into painting, creating pieces of work filled with his feelings and personality.

Through the knowledge of these symbols and their hidden meaning, the spectator discovers, step by step, each peace of work, identifying the universe of the artist.

(Nerea Ubieto, Septiembre 2010)