A collector’s eye: Anabel Suero de González

Colection Anabel Suero de González

Colection Blanca Berlín



‘Miradas de una coleccionista: Anabel Suero de González’  a selection of 34 photographies dated between 1914 and 2004.  Art works  -vintages, unique prints, sold out editions…- by big names of the photography such as Imogen CunninghamEdward Steichen, Tatiana Parcero, Lynn Bianchi, Ricard Terré, Celine Van Balen, Gilbert Garcin, Kyungwoo Chun, Debie Fleming Caffery o Xavier Miserachs, among many others.

Anabel Suero de González biography

Anabel Suero de González

Born in Málaga Spain.

She has lived for 33 years in the United States and England and now lives in Barcelona.

Degree in DC Economics.

Collector of Fine Art Photography.

Languages: English and Spanish.


Participation in ARCO. Roundtable on Collecting Photography. It was the first time a panel discussion on this topic was organized for the 25-year Anniversary of ARCO in that edition. Other components of the table were: Joaquim Paiva, Independent Brazilian collector and Agnès de Gouvion Saint-Cyr, curator of the photography department of the French Ministry of Culture.



Participates in two PhotoEspaña activities:

Encuentros, conference directed by Christian Caujolle, Galerie VU, Paris-France, on the subject Digital and Creative Changes. Other speakers invited to the conference are: Kissok Eom, Korea, independent curator and Hansel-Michael Koetzle, Germany, historian, journalist and curator. Descubrimientos, as a committee member for viewing of portfolios.


Teaches a class on collecting photography at the Circulo de Bellas Artes by invitation from

Oliva Maria Rubio, Curator, within the framework of activities of PhotoEspaña and with the collaboration of the University Carlos III of Madrid.



Participation in the Fair MadridFoto. Roundtable on A vision on the current situation in  Photography and remarks on collecting with Nathalie Herschdorfer, curator of the Musée de Lelisée of Lausanne, Matthias Harder, curator of The Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin and Laurence Miller, gallerist and collector of New York.



PhotoEspaña. Participation in Descubrimientos, as a committee member for viewing of portfolios.


Write articles on Collecting Photography for the Newsletter of Blanca Berlin Gallery, Madrid.



Participates frequently in auctions. Sometimes, advising on the selection of photographers.

Constantly traveling to different parts of the world.