Castro Prieto “Extraños”




Born in Madrid.


Graduates with an undergraduate degree in Economics.


Meets Publio López Mondéjar.

Travels to Cuzco (Perú) with Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos to print the negatives of Martín Chambi.

Starts his personal work, “Peru, Voyage to the Sun”.


Selected for the exhibition “Open Spain, Documentary Photography” which will itinerate through USA and Spain.

Participates in the exhibition “On a Plane” in the Palais of Tokyo, Paris.

Exhibition in the gallery Nueva Imagen, Pamplona.

Exhibition in the festival Imagina Off, Almería.


Exhibition in the Casa Cabrera de Cuzco and Instituto Gaudí of Lima.


Participates in the project of a book and exhibition “The Birth of a Ship” commissioned by Publio López Mondéjar.


Participates in the exhibition “ Mario Vargas Llosa´s Peru ” in hommage to Vargas Llosa, Alcalá de Henares.

Photos for the book “Strange Days” by Ray Loriga.


Completes the work “Guggenheim Museum” Bilbao.


Publishes the book Juan Manuel Castro Prieto in the collection Library of Photographers from Madrid, text by Publio López Mondéjar.


Participates in the project to photograph the Lázaro Galdiano Museum, commissioned by Lola Garrido.


“Peru, Voyage to the Sun”, commissioned by Alejandro Castellote, is inaugurated The book “Peru, Voyage to the Sun”,Lunverg Publishing, with text by Alejandro Castellote and Lola Garrido.

Awarded César Vallejo Prize for his work in Peru.

Starts his photographic project “Ethiopia”.

Joins Agence VU.


Meets the poet Juan Cobos Wilkins with whom he participates in the project “Andalusia, a geography”.

Exhibits “Peru, Voyage to the Sun” in the Galerie VU. París.

Awarded Bartolomé Ros Prize for his “trayectoria” in photography.


The book “Peru, chemins perdus” is published, French edition of his book, “Peru, Voyage to the Sun”.

Awarded: The Community of Madrid Photography Prize.

Inaugurates his exhibition “Strangers” in the Canal de Isabel II, commissioned by Alejandro Castellote.

“Strangers” is published by Lunwerg Publishing, with text by Pablo Ortiz Monasterio

Travels to Cuba.

Exhibition “Peru, Voyage to the Sun” in Bolzano, Italy.

Exhibition “Peru, chemins perdu” in Langon, France.


“Perú, Chemins Perdus” continues its itinerary through Belgium and Conquest and Bastia in France.

Exhibits his work “Strangers” in The Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico City, Mexico and in The Palace of Abrantes, Salamanca. and in the Exhibition “Unique”.Paris.

Publishes his book “The voice of Knowledge” by Miguel Ruiz with photographs by Castro Prieto. Edt. The Book Company. Korea.


Participates in the exhibition ”Ten views. Contemporary Spanish Photography”, Tokio. Metropolitan Museum of Photography, commissioned by Publio López Mondéjar.

The German Magazine, Mare asks him to carry out a report about the Cargo of the Cult in The Tanna Island in the South Pacific, where he travels to in March.

Exhibits his work “Strangers” in Monterrey, Mexico.

Publishes the book ”The Mastery of love”by Miguel Ruiz with photographs by Castro Prieto. Edt.The Book Company. Korea.

Publishes “Cuenca en la mirada” with text by Andrés Trapiello, edition by the Diputación Provincial of Cuenca and Lunwerg Publishing.


He photographs paintings in The D’Orsay Museum in Paris commissioned by the Museum.

He publishes the book, Broken Silk, with the writer Andrés Trapiello.

Exhibits “Broken Silk” in the Galería Arte XXI.


Exhibits in The D´Orsay Museum the photographs he had taken previous year.

Publishes the book “Waiting for the Cargo” with texts by Dimitri Ladischensly. Ediciones La Isla.

Publishes the book “Juan Manuel Castro Prieto” as part of the Collection Photobolsillo by La Fabrica

Editorial with text by Publio López Mondéjar.

Starts the project “Cespedosa” about its memory and origins.

Participates in the project “Family”, photographic essay about the modern concept of family in nowadays Spain.


Exhibition “Strangers” in the VU Gallery in Paris.

Exhibition “Peru, Voyage to the Sun” in The Cultural Center of Lima, Peru.

Publishes a book of polaroids “Mota de Polvo”.Editorial Lucam with texts by Andrés Trapiello.


Exhibition “Peru, Voyage to the Sun” in Guatemala, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Exhibition “Ethiopia” in the Theater Fernán Gómez, Madrid, Spain.

Publishes the book “Ethiopia”. Lunwerg Publishing, with text by Christian Caujolle.

Exhibition “The Broken Silk” in the Gallery Blanca Berlín, Madrid, Spain.

Exhibition “Waiting for the Cargo” in the Month of Photography in Bratislava.

Collaborates with Alejandro Iñárritu in the photographic production of the book of the director´s latest film, “Beautiful”.

Starts to work on the project to illustrate “Blood Wedding” by Federico García Lorca, which will be finished in 2010.

Travels to Peru to follow the footstops of Peruvian photographer Martín Chambi with the objective to reflect the socioeconomic and cultural changes in present Peru, as well as a reflection of the evolution of


Finishes the photographic essay about Memory in Albarracín, Spain.


Exhibition of “Ethiopia” in Huelva, Spain “Other latitudes”.

Participates in the hispanic- Colombian project “Tres Miradas” commissioned by the Community of Madrid, which reflects migration and its repercussions in the family unit and in its surroundings.


Currently he continues to develop his personal project, “Memory” linked to memory and its spaces.