Hidden Humanity

I have always said that I am an stranger to myself. There are some facets of my personality I don’t want to go in depth; a part of me that I try to hide in order to fit in the society I live. I guess this is something all human beings have in common; we hide our passions, our miseries, our soul, because we all look for the others acceptance.

Hidden Humanity is a gaze at this side of ourselves, which also shapes our personalities, our consciousness, our surrounding social environment and all the facts that defines our great dark inner kingdoms.

Every one of my photographs has been made with an ancient technique known as “collodium”, an original process of the XIX century which leads to prints directly from either aluminium or glass plates through a chemical process in the dark room. A technique, as imperfect and extraordinary as the human being himself, that gives birth to unique pieces.

There are also prints with limited edition produced by sublimation in ChromaLuxe. This printing process is extremely durable a ensures a perfect conservation.