Agua. Isabel Muñoz

Agua. Isabel Muñoz


The images that are part of the exhibition “Water” have been obtained by Isabel Muñoz in 2016 and 2017 under the Mediterranean waters and in different seas of Japan. In her own words “I started this project attracted by the beauty of marine environments and as a wake-up call to the dangers that threaten their survival. The sea gives us everything without asking us for anything in return. We take for granted that their wealth is inexhaustible, that can cope with our carelessness, our lack of foresight, our excesses. But things are not like that. What are we going to leave to our children and grandchildren if we are not able to take care of their treasures, if we continue throwing into the sea plastics that are deadly traps for the species that inhabit it, if we continue to pour waste that will put an end to marine biodiversity if not react in time? ”

In the exhibition “Water”, all the exposed artworks are platinotypes. Although they are difficult to create, and their cost is high, platinum prints are one of the most illustrious expressions of photographic art. Its beauty and permanence make the platinotype a little jewel for lovers of photography and, of course, for collectors and investors. These prints are characterized by their wide rendition of tones: that part of the warm black and expands in a wide range of grey nuances, with an especially subtle reproduction of lights. Isabel Muñoz is considered one of the great international experts of the platinotype. After more than a decade of research, she has managed to include color in this process, which constitutes a turning point in the history of photography.

For more than forty years, Isabel Muñoz has toured the world with her camera portraying the feelings of the human being in its purest state, in its most recondite intimacy. From the dignity of the primitive tribes to the disconsolation of the prisons; from the sensuality of dance to the denunciation of oppression; from the ecstasy that overcomes the lacerating pain to the pain that can no longer be overcome. The Catalan author has photographed almost all the feelings and emotions that the human species harbours, including those of our ancestors, primates, whose gestures have been part of our genes for millions of years.

Isabel Muñoz was recognized in 2016 with the National Photography Award, having previously obtained other prestigious awards such as World Press Photo 1999 and 2004, Bartolomé Ross, Unicef ​​Spain, Gold Medal for Merit of Fine Arts in 2009, Community of Madrid, etc. Her images are part of the most important public and private collections around the world.

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