“Sometime nowhere” Alfonso Brezmes. 26.3.2014 to 24.5.2014


Sometime, nowhere

The kingdom to where Alfonso Brezmes leads us doesn´t belong to this world. There are just one-way tickets for the train that travels to this place: you go there without any hope of coming back. It´s not just an imagined paradise: there is a border in this territory between reality and dream; something  that makes us shiver for an brief instant before we go through the door that the artist let half-opened for us to peep into.

Using all the materials within reach, from the camera to paper and scissors, even collages and “poor animations”, as well words (the passion for which has lead him to publish very recently his first book of poems), the universe that Brezmes offers to us in this exhibition is a trip from which we won´t escape safe and sounds. Something very inside us awakes watching these images, leading us to draw back our eyes to our illusions and secret dreams, right into our forgotten childhood and towards a future that seems impossible to happen somde day.

Sometime, nowhere is the name of the solo exhibit that Alfonso Brezmes presents now in the madrilenian gallery Blanca Berlin: here we will found all the diverse worlds in which the artist moves like a fish in water. A paradise lost and recovered for some seconds, an then once again lost when we leave this land of tales where, using Shakespeare´s words, we could be  bounded, counting ourselves kings of an infinite space.


· Solo Exhibitions


Sometimes, Nowhere – Galería Blanca Berlín –Madrid.


     Galerie V- diciembre, La Rochelle- Francia


Private spaces” Gallery Camara Oscura – Madrid.


 Gallery Stieglitz19, Antwerp.



 Small passions / Pequeñas pasiones– Gallery Cámara Oscura- Madrid.



 FalsOriginal. Centro de Arte Moderno-Madrid.



 Palabras Cruzadas, PHE 05 (Photoespaña en la Calle). Madrid.



 A nuestras espaldas. Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones. Madrid.

 La vida secreta de las cosas: Galería Belarde 20. Madrid.

Aleaciones: Galería Campomanes, 9. Madrid.

  • Art Fairs



FOTOFEVER BRUSELAS –Galería Blanca Berlín, Octubre 2013.

 ARCO 2010 – Galerie Caprice Horn

ESTAMPA 2010– Gallery Camara oscura

Lineart 2009 – Flanders , Galerie Stieglitz19

 SCOPE Basel – June 2009 – Galerie Caprice Horn. Basel.

Arte Santander – Galería Cámara oscura julio 2009

Palm Beach art fair- January, 2009 – Galerie Caprice Horn.

PhotoMiami 2008 – Galería Cámara Oscura.

BIASC 3- Art Bienal. Sevilla, 2008.

Proposals for art in Spain (Propuestas para el arte en España) – ARCO  2008 – Culture Department´s stand.

  •   Group Exhibition

“Entre deux chaises, un livre”. Boghossian Foundation. Brussels


Galerie Voz L´Image-Paris


Caprice Horn – Berlín -Group exhibition: Mitra Tabrizian, Daniel & Geo Fuchs, Artists Anonymous, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Democracia, Wolfgang Petrick, Alfonso Brezmes, Alona Harpaz.



Colección Ars Fundum – Barcelona –May-July.



Premi Ciutat de Palma Antoni Gelabert 2008 – Palma de Mallorca, enero-febrero.

Potatoe 21+ 1 – Gallery Rafael Pérez Hernando – Madrid, 13 January – 28 February 2009 and Córdoba, May.


Immoral facts and fables – Gallerie Caprice Horn, Berlin, September-October

Stieglitz19 – Opening exhibition in Gallery Stieglitz19 – Amberes, June.

Estampa – Galery Camara oscura.

FotocityOn 08 – “Surrealism and visual poetry” – Málaga, June.

Vialartist – Valencia 2008


XVII Salón de Fotografía Caja España –2007



Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, Parque Natural Cabo de Gata-Níjar, Almería 2006, ALBIAC

FotocityOn – “Numerología + – Feísmo”.2006. Málaga.

El Aleph- Año Borgeano- Centro de Arte Contemporáneo. Madrid.


 Palabras Cruzadas, PHE 05 (Photoespaña en la Calle). Madrid.



Entrefotos 2004 – Centro Cultural Conde Duque- Madrid.

  •  Relevant publications


UMA Revista- Brasil 2013

Ninja magazine – June 2011

 Exit magazine – January 2009 (Once upon a time)

Focus magazine– January 2009

“El maquinista de la generación”– January 2009

“La fotografía” – mayo 2009

· Monograph books

Postcards from the future- (Photos and poems) Colección “Antes morir” Valencia 2010

Beautiful lies – (hard cover) – 2009

Small passions–Alfonso Brezmes´dictionary of common pleasures (Pequeñas pasiones – El diccionario de placeres corrientes de Alfonso Brezmes–  1ª edición 99 numbered units, hand made. 2008. Ediciones moimeme.

FalsOriginal- Artist book (containing con 60 postcards. 60 numbered units. Ediciones del Centro. 2006.

Fragmentos Urbanos, prologued by Juan Manuel Bonet, introduced in Museo Reina Sofía (MNCARS- 7 de marzo de 2005). Ediciones moimeme.

  • · Work in


–          Colección de Arte Contemporáneo de la Comunidad de Madrid (Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo).

–          Permanent Collection Consejo Superior de Deportes (Madrid)

–          Ars Fundum.

–          Diputación Provincial de Málaga.

–          Instituto de Contabilidad y Auditoría de Cuentas

–   Colección Galille Hollander (Belgium)y otras colecciones privadas.